Quick Start

Hubcap is a custom element that comes with a default recorder UI built-in. Here's how to get started.

Create an account

First, sign up for a Hubcap account. You'll then be able to access your Dashboard, which contains your embed code along with a number of other settings. To get more familiar with the Hubcap Dashboard, we recommend visiting our Help Center.

Hubcap is completely free to use during our Beta. We intend to offer paid plans starting in Q3 2019. We'll communicate with you early and often about these plans, and will offer all Beta users a discount.

Load your recorder

You can find your recorder ID in the Embeddable Button section of your Dashboard (in the "Embed Code" tab). Paste the following script and hubcap-recorder element in your html before the closing body tag:

  <section>Your site content</section>

  <script async src="https://recorder.hubcap.video/hubcap-recorder.js"></script>
  <hubcap-recorder recorder-id="your-recorder-id-from-the-dashboard">

For security purposes, the recorder will only appear on domains that you have whitelisted in the Settings section of your Dashboard.

Once you've completed these steps, the Hubcap recorder will appear on your site. You now can interact programmatically with the <hubcap-recorder> element as you would with any other native html element.