The Hubcap API is a simple way to seamlessly integrate screen and webcam recording into your own site or application. It's specifically designed to take the heavy lifting off of your shoulders. We handle the entire recording process (including uploading and transcoding) and provide UI and video hosting that works out of the box. Wiring it up requires as few as 3 lines of code.

Once you need more control, the API also allows customization of the recorder's interface and video hosting location.

The Hubcap recorder is in essence a <button> that starts a screen or webcam recording. After the recording ends, it fires an event (submit) allowing you to get an authenticated link to the finished video file.

Your host page must be set up with https, otherwise screen capture APIs will not be available and the Hubcap recorder will not load.

Why use the Hubcap API?

Before getting started with the Hubcap API, it's important to understand the differences between our standard, out-of-the-box recorder and the API. In many cases, the out-of-the-box recorder is sufficient and requires essentially no development time.

The following table summarizes the key differences between our two products:

Out-of-the-box recorder API
Record screen and webcam Supported Supported
Video hosting Our website (app.hubcap.video) Customizable
Start recording UI Embedded Hubcap button Customizable
UI during recording Standard Hubcap UI Standard Hubcap UI
Recording submission confirmation Required Optional

If you are unsure about which solution is best for your project, please get in touch and we'd be happy to advise.

Supported browsers

Browser Version
Chrome (desktop) 72+
Firefox (desktop) 64+

Support for more browsers will be added in the future.